Complement your development team
with experienced Wolf & Cherry engineers

Complement your development team
with experienced Wolf & Cherry engineers

Wolf & Cherry minds
your business!

Mind your own business! Exactly, so let us help you with our experience and expertise.

Software Development & Architecture

.NET Core software development and cloud architecture are our core competencies. We are at our best in smaller teams with short release cycles, as study has proven to be the most efficient way to operate. Wolf & Cherry is here to help you design, build and deploy your end-to-end software solutions. Based on many years of experience and working agile on different type of projects for multiple customers we are ready to be challenged.

Software Testing

No going live without having adequately tested the software delivered. However self-evident this may sound, in practice it can be very hard to make your team fully aware of this simple rule. Your team may also lack the ability to implement it as part of a deployment discipline. Wolf & Cherry can provide skilled and experienced testers for helping you with this often underestimated problem.

Technical Team Management

A technical team lead has many hats and those hats should fit well. Giving and taking responsibility in a leading and coaching manner are key in making an agile team work on and deliver solid and maintainable solutions. Wolf & Cherry technical team leads are aware of the daily tasks that lead to the goals set on the roadmap. We are able to guide and control teams and projects from both a technical and functional perspective

Agile & SCRUM

Agile is something more than just following the rules of this or that framework, like SCRUM. In every organization the ‘agility’ of software development is in a different situation, sometimes very advanced, sometimes with a lot to learn. Wolf & Cherry can help you in assessing the agile status and help to improve the teams in their agile ways of working.

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No added sugar; we don’t employ sales people, our quality and reputation is our marketing strategy. Customer satisfaction is the cherry on top.


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We stand for craftsmanship which is giving full attention to what we do every day.

Our People

Wolf & Cherry was founded in 2015 by Bas Kortleven, a dedicated lead software engineer with architectural skills and over 20 years of IT experience. He believes in letting people do what they do best. The experienced software and testing engineers @ Wolf & Cherry understand their profession and help teams achieve greater efficiency and joy in software delivery by looking at more than just technical requirements.

Bas Kortleven

Lead Software Engineer / Managing director

Gé van der Mik

Senior Test Engineer

Berry Vorstenbosch

Senior Test Engineer

Inge Bosch

Job Coach
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We don't force solutions but combine the forces to create solutions.

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